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5 Advantages to Yankee Candle® Fundraising

The program is easy!

  1. Sell America’s Best Loved Candle™ – Yankee Candle®
    Renowned for their quality and true-to life scents, Yankee® candles are America’s Best Loved gift to give and get!
  2. Earn up to 45% profit for your organization on every product.
    Just imagine what you can provide with the money – playground equipment, athletic or band uniforms, scholarships, or more!
  3. Candles are a healthy choice in fundraising today.
  4. Each seller’s order is individually packaged, making delivery easier for everyone.
  5. We offer two selling seasons – Spring (January to June) and Fall (August to December.)

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Committed to Serving Your Fundraising Needs

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Our company takes pride in an experienced and well-trained staff, dedicated to providing you with an exceptional level of customer service and support throughout your fundraiser. No matter the size of your group, our fundraising professionals will work with you to ensure a successful fund drive. We’re sorry, we serve only the continental U.S.


Yankee Candle® Fundraising is a charter member of the Association of Fund Raising Distributors & Suppliers (AFRDs)